Missy Greis

Missy Greis is the owner at Publik Concepts and is a connector of people, ideas, and resources

Alyssa Craven

Alyssa Craven is the GRANDfamilies Director at Children’s Service Society of Utah. She has worked with the GRANDfamilies program for over 8 years. With a desire to reach youth more and engage them in the work being done in the kinship community, Alyssa was introduced to the Salt Lake Central 9th Youth Prevention Coalition. She […]

Denali Hale

Denali is the Director of Prevention Services at Volunteers of America Utah, managing a team working to prevent substance abuse in youth. I enjoy music, anything outdoors, and serving the community. I’m excited to be a part of the amazing mission of this coalition and to help the youth in the central 9th area!

Whitney Rosas

Whitney is a Health Educator with the Salt Lake County Health Department in Substance Use Prevention. She is a firm believer in prevention over treatment. She is the current Chair of the Board Development Workgroup.

Myke Johnson

Myke is the Education Director at Spy Hop. He has been a Board member since September 2020 and is currently Chair of the Youth Involvement Workgroup.